Gutter Repair

Existing gutters and sections can be replaced like for like if they are adequate for the roof slope, on new build we can work out and supply calculations to confirm that the gutters have been designed to cope with the volume of water coming off the roof slope.

Benefits of Repairing your Gutters:

  • Keeps surrounding dry – Well maintained gutters prevents high quantities of water accumulating on your roof. Therefore, this helps keep your building safe and dry.
  • Protects the building – Repairing your gutters protects your building from severe rain and snow. This helps increase the lifespan of your roof.
  • Less finances – By repairing your gutters, this prevents having to completely install a new gutter system, meaning this helps with your budget costs.
gutter repair gutter repair
repairing gutters repairing gutters
valley gutter systems valley gutter systems
Boundary gutter systems Boundary gutter systems
Galvanised gutters Galvanised gutters
gutters galvanised gutters galvanised

Valley or Boundary Gutter Systems

Galvanised gutters can be manufactured in 1.6, 2.0 or 3mm thk galvanised steel or Aluminium, and come complete with Joggle and bolted joints, stop ends either welded in place or can be bolted in, overflow weirs can also be fitted to the stop ends for extra protection for flooding inside the building if the drains or downpipes ever get blocked.



On refurbished contracts and providing that the old gutter system is in good condition we can offer re-coating of the old gutter to extend the life for another 10 years by using a top propriety roof coating compound, or a longer life by installing a Plygene Gutter Lining System, Guaranteed for 25years.

gutter lining gutter lining
gutter coating gutter coating
gutter lining and coating gutter lining and coating


Trimline Eaves Gutter System is a well know and used system on industrial and Commercial buildings, normally manufactured from the same PVC or Polyester coated steel as the roof sheets and flashings to match the Roof and Wall cladding, manufactured at our factory in Lancaster these gutters are designed and sized to handle the volume of water from the roof, fixed to the end of the roof cladding they do not need any facia board or fixing to the wall of the building.

We can also manufacture these gutters and downpipes in Powder Coated Aluminium, in any colour.

trimline gutter trimline gutter
trimline gutter system trimline gutter system
Trimline Eaves Gutter System Trimline Eaves Gutter System
gutters gutters
gutter system gutter system